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Gym Info and Uniform

Combination lock for gym locker – round dial, numbered locks only. Lock is removed after each gym class as lockers are shared with Cab and Charter HS students.

All students attending 6th – 10th grade at Cab Calloway will participate in gym class during the 2018-2019 school year and will need a gym uniform. (High School Dance Majors are the only students exempt from gym class and do not need a uniform.) If students in 11th-12th grade have scheduled gym as an elective, they will also need a gym uniform. If students do not already have a gym uniform, it must be purchased online through Kelly’s Sports.

This will be your only opportunity to order a gym uniform before January 2019. All uniforms will be shipped directly to your home address. No gym uniforms will be available for purchase at Cab.

Gym uniform t-shirts are available in gray or purple. Please note some t-shirts are available in youth, women’s or unisex sizing. There are also women’s tights available as an option instead of shorts. Exact sizing information for all items can be found on the Kelly’s Sports web store item information page. Please make sure you read the item’s description carefully before ordering. Kelly’s Sports does not accept returns or exchanges.

All orders placed on or before 7/29/2018 will be shipped before school begins. Orders placed after 7/29/2018 will be shipped the second week of school. All uniform orders must be placed by 8/11/2018

Please use the Kelly’s link listed here to order.

Cab Calloway Gym Uniform Order Page – Buy your PE Uniform Here!

If you have questions concerning gym uniforms please contact Jennifer Reap at

All students attending 6th – 12th grade at Cab Calloway are expected to have a gym uniform to wear during gym class. Gym uniforms must be purchased online through Kelly’s Sports.

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