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The School-Based Health Center (SBHC) was established for teens to help make the best quality health care available in our community more accessible. Because it is located right in the school, the SBHC helps students overcome many obstacles to receiving good health care such as lack of transportation, inconvenient appointment times, or worries about confidentiality. The Center’s staff works closely with your health care provider, parents and school nurse to create a health care resource. If you do not have a health care provider, the SBHC can help you locate one. Our facility is available to all middle and high school students, ages 11 and over, who attend Cab Calloway School of the Arts and The Charter School of Wilmington.

The SBHC is supported by the Division of Public Health and administered by Christiana Care Health System. Red Clay Consolidated School District has provided us with an office next door to the School Nurses’ office. The staff consists of a Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Coordinator, a Registered Dietitian, and an Administrative Assistant.

Our goals are to:

In order for your child to use the SBHC, you will need to complete and return the Consent and Registration form. You can print out the form here: (Wilmington Registration Packet) or the student can pick one up in the SBHC or the Nurse’s office. We cannot provide services to your child unless your signature is on the form. You select the services you want for your child and if you do not want a particular service you may refuse it on the consent form. This action allows your child to still benefit from the remainder of services offered.

Nurse Practitioner/Physician:

Social Worker:


If you have questions or would like stop by to tour the SBHC and meet our staff, please call or write:

School-Based Health Center
100 North DuPont Road
Wilmington, DE 19807
Phone: (302)-651-2100
Fax: (302)-651-2111

Download the form above or here: Wilmington Registration Packet.

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