Electronic Devices

Electronic devices may be used during lunchtime. Use of any electronic device in the classroom is for educational purposes only and is at the discretion of the teacher. Students caught using any electronic device to cheat will be subject to all penalties related to cheating per the RCCSD Student Code of Conduct and may be required to surrender their device(s) upon entry into the building.

Note: Any electronic device may be taken at the discretion of the teacher. Students refusing to comply with a teacher’s request will be referred for defiance which may result in a suspension. All electronic device infractions will be entered into the Student’s Discipline Record.

Students who bring personal electronic devices to school do so at their own risk. CCSA and/or the RCCSD are not responsible for lost and/or stolen electronic devices and will not investigate the loss or theft of these items. Students are not permitted to access WiFi from their personal devices.

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