The high school English Department offers a four-year sequence of instruction based on the following language arts goals:

  1. To use reading skills and strategies to comprehend literary and nonliterary sources
  2. To develop and use appropriate critical-thinking strategies
  3. To respond in subjective, analytic, and evaluative approaches to literature and other art forms, which reflect cultural values and ideas
  4. To use effective language skills to interact with different audiences
  5. To compose and adapt writing to different purposes, audiences, and communication forms while using mechanics and rhetorical conventions appropriately to assure accuracy and clarity.


The Mathematics Department’s main goal is to ensure students readiness for college education. Every year students are introduced to an array of mathematical concepts that solidify as they move through our middle school and high school programs. At the middle school level, students use an integrated approach in the 6th grade and subsequently move into the more traditional Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 programs. At the high school level, students will select courses that best fit their needs with the offering of Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus BC (Offered by the Charter School of Wilmington). The Mathematics Department at Cab also participates in the Delaware Mathematics League and participation is available to both middle school and high school students.


One of the main goals of the Science Department at Cab is to prepare learners for majors in Science & Engineering in College by providing students with authentic experiences in lab based investigations while supporting those investigations with solid conceptual and theoretical coursework. The Middle School Science courses all offer an integrated look into Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering and Technology.  Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, and AP Physics are all offered to students from Freshman to Senior year. Staff members utilize Schoology and have created web-based components to their classes. In addition to this coursework, the Science Department staff also sponsors the Science Olympiad team of Cab Calloway, hosts the annual Biology field trip to Cape Henlopen State Park, and coordinates community-based Environmental Science experiences at some of Delaware’s State Parks.


The social studies curriculum is a comprehensive study into the four tenets of social studies: history, economics, civics and geography. At the middle school level, each grade centers on a cluster of social studies benchmarks. The sixth grade curriculum focuses on global studies, with an emphasis on geography, economics and civics.  The seventh grade curriculum’s objective is to develop students into a global citizen with a focus on geography, civics, history and economic benchmarks. In seventh grade students compete  at the state level Project Citizen competition and history day. Eighth grade focuses on the study of United States history, colonization through the Civil War, with an emphasis on historical investigation, citizenship and economics. At the high school level, students focus on courses designed to meet state and national standards in the social studies. In addition, the high school curriculum offers several Advanced Placement courses which can lead to college credit. The ninth grade offers courses in economics and civics. At the tenth grade, students have the option to take world history or Advanced Placement European history. In eleventh grade students have the choice between United States history and Advanced Placement United States history. At the senior level, students may take courses in psychology, keys to financial success, Advanced Placement art history, Advanced Placement psychology, and Advanced Placement United States government and politics.


Cab Calloway School of the Arts offers Spanish and French language study through the World Language department. The department seeks to promote the benefits of personal enrichment, career advancements, multi-cultural awareness, and international understanding enhanced through the study of a world language. The programs are demanding and require a significant amount of self-discipline. Although essential for the college-bound student, world language classes are open to all students in grades 8-12 who are willing to work hard in order to learn how to communicate proficiently in Spanish or French.

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