TBT – Ugly Sweaters

Remember December?

Article by L. Ireland and L. Bagley
Published on March 14, 2019.

Tie for first! S. Lohr & R. Kataria win Ugly Sweater Contest

S. Lohr was one of the two winners at Cab’s Ugly Sweater contest this past December. She wore a Christmas tree hat on her head with glitter streamers attached. As the top, she wore a green long-sleeved top and had a wreath type scarf, strung with Christmas tree lights. She had a red long skirt and had clipped things onto it. She wanted to be in the contest because she likes to dress up. She was very excited to see what other people wore and always enjoys seeing people in costume. She did not think that she would win the contest, but she was very happy she did. 

R. Kataria was the other first-place winner. He wore a shirt with green streamers and Christmas light necklace. He also wore Christmas tree glasses and black pants. To top it all off, he wore a Christmas hat with green streamers on it. And yes, I know, lots of green. He was very excited to win the contest. He wanted to be in the contest because he is very competitive. He was very impressed with what other people wore. At first, he did not believe that he would win this school-wide contest. He said that it was awesome to win the Cab Calloway Ugly Sweater Contest.

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